Meet Silas Odili

Cement Distributor
I live in Abuja and it is one of the fastest growing cities in the world. I have been a cement distributor for the over 9 months, but I couldn’t even meet up with the demand for cement in my area because I did not have enough money to buy in large quantity. I approached some family members and friends for money but I did not get help. 
I picked up a copy of QCA flyer from a store and traced the office, I like the reception I was given, the official I met took his time to explain everything to me. One week later when I got a large order for cement, I quickly went to QCA. I used my car as collateral and in less than one hour, my loan was processed and I was given the money. I quickly executed the supply for the cement and I was able to pay back the loan. Thanks to QCA,  I am able to buy stock in large quantity now and distribute to my customers on time. I am making the kind of money I want and I am happy. When I hear people complaining about money I just smile, for me life is good and I thank God for leading me to Quick Cash Advance.

Meet Musa Idris

I was at work one day when I got a call that my wife was in labour and had been rushed to the hospital. When I got there, the doctor said I needed to deposit N300,000 because my wife had complications and they needed to operate on her. I knew I could not get such an amount of money from my bank in such a short time. So I rushed to QCA. I dropped a collateral and I was given a loan immediately. Today my wife and son are alive and well, I thank God everyday for directing me to QCA that fateful day. They saved my wife’s life.

Meet Mr. Linda Odeh 
Civil servant
It was the middle of the month when I got home and found out that my children had been sent back from school because I had not been able to pay their school fees. I am a widow with four children. I was explaining my predicament to a colleague at work the next day and she directed me to Quick Cash advance office. She said she had been in a similar situation and she was able to get help from QCA. I quickly rushed to their office and to my surprise, they gave me a loan to solve my problem. I paid my children’s school fees and at the end of the month, I paid back the loan. How I wish other financial institution will be like QCA, so that widow like me will not feel that nobody cares. Now I know QCA cares.

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Meet Mr. Larry .O.

Recharge card vendor
As the first son of my father, I had 7 siblings behind me, my father was a retiree so the whole family looked up to me for their needs. I have always been a hardworking man but the capital to invest into my recharge card business was a major challenge for me. I started with what I had but much as I tried things were difficult, I knew I could make more money than I was making, I was in dire need for more money for the business.
A QCA Credit Union Official came to me and told me to join the union so that my business will turn around. I asked him for more information and from what he told me I knew my opportunity for a change had come. I quickly went to the office and started building my credit, and I cannot begin to tell you the transformation that has happened. I now have 4 branch locations, and I even supply other smaller recharge card vendors, I am able to meet my financial obligations to my family and I will be getting married soon. My fiancé is also a member of QCA credit union, her hair salon business is doing so well she has included sales of all types of hair products to the services she provides. Thank God for QCA Credit Union our wedding is in two months time and we certainly do not need help from anyone to sponsor it. Life is good if you have the right information.

Mr.  Bala Johnson

My shop got demolished about a year and half ago, the agony of losing a shop that I just renewed the rent was not a good feeling and to think of it alone, was painful. After about three months, I started all over again but this time it wasn’t easy, I had to struggle to survive. One evening my Aunty came visiting and told me of an advert she had seen about a loan (Credit Union). I was quite skeptical at first but after serious thought, I decided to give it a try by calling the QCA office and was put through the process and the procedures. I later realized it was simple and most of all highly profitable.

I have built up my Credit and it has since paid off in my business. It is straight forward and rewarding; any business owner can key into it and enjoy the benefit there in.

Meet Frank

Boutique Owner
I have always loved clothes and so it was only natural that I opened a boutique business immediately I finished school, the business was okay, but during peak seasons, I find it difficult to meet up with my customers demand. One of my customers whom I confided in, told me about QCA Credit union and that was it. Now my boutique is always fully stocked. In fact, I am planning to start my own clothing line because QCA Credit union has given me the financial base I need. From a capital base of just N400,000 now I have goods in my shop worth N3.5million Naira this is excluding the cash I have in the bank!

Meet Umaru Danyaro

Business centre operator
I finished University with a degree in Business administration, but after working as a civil servant for 12 years, I had nothing to show for it, I became worried as I looked into the future, my first child had just gotten into secondary school and I knew I had to do something before it was too late. 
I took my life savings, rented a shop and started a business centre. I was trying to get money from the bank I had been banking in for the past 12 years in order to buy some machines I needed, but 3months down the line nothing was forth coming when a friend of mine introduced me to QCA Credit union. It was exactly what I needed, I joined the Union and I was given a loan the very next day and that was how my life turned around.
Business was doing so well for me that I resigned from my job and put all my energy and focus on it. Today I have no worries, I make more than N200,000 from my business monthly and the best thing is that I feel very fulfilled now that I work for myself. QCA Credit has made my dream come true!

Meet Esther Dogo

When I retired from the civil service after 35 years of meritorious service, I was not prepared for the reality of life outside my 8a.m. to 4p.m.  Job.  A year after retirement, my gratuity and pension had not been paid, I wanted to just give up and die but something told me to hold on. I attended a seminar in Wisecraft office and I was informed about QCA Credit Union, and that was the turning point in my life. With the little money my children give me monthly, I started a business and joined QCA Credit Union, Today I make over N600,000  as profit monthly and my whole gratuity after 35years as a civil servant is just N750,000, I realized I have wasted my life waiting for government to make me rich, but I thank God it is not too late.  I now give my other retiree friends money and I have told my children to stop sending me money. I am saving money for them, after-all I should leave an inheritance for my children instead of being a burden even if they are not complaining QCA Credit Union has given me a good reason to live long.

Meet Nkechi Nnamdi

Business Owner 
Eight months after finishing my National Youth Service, I found myself facing the “real world.” Just 23 years old with little business experience, I had no idea what to do for a living and I could not get a job anywhere.

I found this incredible opportunity and began to build my own business. In just six month, I now make enough money to pay myself and the four workers working for me. By joining QCA Credit Union, they helped me plan and start off my own business and I get free business advisory anytime I need it. My mates are still roaming the streets looking for a job while I am employing people. I have estimated that with my current business growth I would have made about N1.2 million as profit in one year and I know this is just the beginning!

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